25+ Funniset Pictures That Will Definately Make You Laugh All The Day

1. This headless doll:


2. Stephen, with a “ph:”

—Steven Sarron, Facebook

3. These word mix-ups:


4. The most glorious face-swap ever:

—Caroline Murphy, Facebook

5. None pizza with left beef:

—Madonna Kilpatrick-Kielion, Facebook

6. This woman who is all of us:

—Andrea DelMedico, Facebook

7. This incredible Adele cover:


8. This yard sard:


9. This woman who accidentally sent a pic of Nic Cage instead of her résumé:

—Megan Eizabeth, Facebook

10. Lana Moonblood:


11. This awful advice from Amtrak:


12. Arson cat:


13. This dog who’s just trying to make a de-paws-it:


15. This inspiring advice:


16. Merry Pringles:


17. This school play gone wrong:


18. This Jeopardy! edit:


19. This interesting conversation:


20. These closed captions:


21. This weird meeting:


22. This swearing dog:

23. This hilarious truth:


24. And this girl who slowly realizes she’s standing under a wasp’s nest:


25. These hurdlers without hurdles:


26. This dumb dog and clever bird:


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