18+ best Badly explained movie plot images of the month

#1 Snow White And The Huntsman

Snow White And The Huntsman

OMG hahahahaha very accurate

#2 Lord Of The Rings

Lord Of The Rings

Best! I never watched the movies but now at least I know the plot

#3 The Revenant

The Revenant

and he found it, bitches hahahaha

#4 Harry Potter

Harry Potter

#5 Snow White And The Seven Dwarfs

Snow White And The Seven Dwarfs

#6 Titanic

There was no room on the platform! Every time he tried to get on it would tip over. Why are people forgetting that? Lol


#7 Mulan

actually this very sad…


#8 Arrival

So we can learn heptapod.


#9 Star Wars: Episode V

frog he is not, bad your description is.

Star Wars: Episode V

#10 Shrek

Don’t we all want that kind of man?


#11 Twilight

Omg XD


#12 The Shining


The Shining

#13 The Hunger Games

Oh, I shouldn’t have laughed.

The Hunger Games

#14 Wall E

When earth has to survive, you do what ya gotta do

Wall E

#15 Harry Potter

Sounds like Barry Allen, it took him 3 seasons to get Iris

Harry Potter

#16 Batman V. Superman

I don’t remember Trump in this movie..

Batman V. Superman

#17 The Lion King

Then kill his uncle so he can fuck his half-sister.

The Lion King

#18 Star Wars

boys whos parents got killed take revenge against those who take care of him

Star Wars

#19 Fast And Furious

The battle of the bald guys

Fast And Furious

#20 Titanic

Jack donated his life to the cause


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